argest living species of the tortoise that you can f

 Galapagos Giant Tortoise

These are the largest living species of the tortoise that you can find existing. Some of them also go for a life span of 150 years. The modern tortoise is usually a way of 247 KG. Some tortoises exist on only the archi pelagos, namely the Galapagos Islands and the Aldabra in the Indian Ocean.

The extinction of most of the species is due to predation by humans. Due to conservation efforts, there has been an increase in the number of tortoises in the ancestral home Islands.

These species of tortoise are cold-blooded and need two hours of sun-basking every day. On the larger and more humid islands, they migrate betwe en the lower elevations likely the grassy plains. In wet seasons, the tortoise rest in the mud, and the rain formed pools. They also have adequate protection against the parasites like the ticks and mosquitoes.

The tortoises are herbivores and consume the diet that comprises news mainly of leaves, grasses, and milkweed. They acquire moisture from the dew and down large quantities of water whenever they are thirsty.

Fun Fact

The most famous Galapagos tortoise named Lonesome George was a tortoise who lived on 


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argest living species of the tortoise that you can f

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